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Unmasked | Anonymous | God Does Not Forget

Unmasked | Anonymous | God Does Not Forget

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown…as you helped his people. Heb. 6:10

The Bell family had finished their presentation about mission work and were greeting old friends and new acquaintances. “So, how do you like it in Africa?” Benny asked Mrs. Bell. “Must be fun or you wouldn’t keep going back.” Mrs. Bell sighed. “I hate it,” she answered. “It’s hot, dirty, no conveniences, and the people are so entrenched in pagan tradition that the gospel is making very slow progress.” Benny looked surprised. “Wow, why do you do it?” She smiled at something he couldn’t see. “I hate it but I can’t wait to get back. God has called us there and we wouldn’t be happy anywhere else, and His reward will be worth it.”

A cup of cold water, Jesus said. Any good thing offered in His name is a credit on our eternal accounts. Mothers patiently scrubbing a foster child’s vomit out of the carpet. Fathers staying in crummy jobs for the good of their families. Teachers going the extra mile to love unlovable students. Doctors forfeiting healthy salaries to serve people in impoverished nations. Business professionals volunteering their skills to start charities, organize ministries, and manage donations. There may be little or no personal reward for staying faithful to what God has called us to do. But a cup of cold water, Jesus said, offered in His name is enough to bring the applause of heaven. He sees, He knows, and He will not forget your sacrifice. He keeps very good records.

Final Thought:  Everything we do for the honor and glory of Jesus is being recorded in heaven. God does not forget.

Prayer: Father, thank you that this life is not all there is. What I do in obedience to you is being recorded for all eternity. Forever I will enjoy the reward you’re storing up for me as I serve you on earth. Help me remember. In Jesus’ name, Amen.