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Unmasked | Anonymous | It’s About Him

Unmasked | Anonymous | It’s About Him

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”  John 3:30

John had poured his life into one thing and now it was ending. He’d known since birth that he was chosen by God to prepare the way for the Messiah, but who imagined that it would be this hard? Loneliness. Isolation. Poverty. He’d gone after his calling with single-minded devotion, accepting the fact that he would never fit in, never be invited to parties, weddings, or celebrations. He was “the weird guy,” and that was okay. He’d given his life for this calling, but now… Now the Messiah was here. People were flocking to Him, leaving John in the dust. “What are you gonna do about this?” his followers asked. The past 30 years flashed through his mind, then John replied, “If I’ve pointed them to Him, I’ve done my job. Time to bow out. He’s the real Star.”

As one of God’s most important servants, John knew a secret that all servants of the Lord must keep in mind: It’s not about ME. None of it. My life, my talents, my ministry, my reputation. It’s not about me and when I make it about me, I mess things up. John fulfilled his mission and when it was time to step aside, he went willingly. Someone greater was here. Our service for the Lord is never about the service. It’s not about how cool our church looks, how relevant our music is, or how “fun” our events. It isn’t about Cedar point and whether people speak well of us; it’s about Jesus. Always. Only. If we insist on being the stars of our own show, the beauty of the real Star stays hidden. We must decrease so He can increase.

Final Thought:  We’ve served well when we willingly step aside and let Jesus take center stage.
Prayer: Father, how well do I follow John’s example? I like the praise I get when I’ve served or given, but maybe I’m making it about me. Please forgive me. You deserve all the glory; I’m only a servant. Help me remember that. In Jesus’ name, Amen.