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Unmasked | Fortress of Solitude | Alone Time

Unmasked | Fortress of Solitude | Alone Time

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.  Luke 5:16

Jesus was the first and greatest superhero. Everyone thought of Him as a humble carpenter— until He turned water into wine, healed the crippled, and gave sight to the blind. People thought of Him as average—until He rose from the dead. He was misunderstood for the majority of His earthly life, but He kept going. Kept serving. Kept obeying God. He loved those who mocked Him, taught those who ignored Him, and saved those who believed Him, but it had to be exhausting. Even His closest friends didn’t understand most of what He said. How did He keep going? He retreated often into His fortress of solitude.

He spent a lot of time on His face before the Father, pouring out His heart and finding strength and direction to keep going. “Father, this almost seems too much. My friends don’t understand, the leaders are out to get me, and even my family is embarrassed by what You’ve called me to do. Give me strength to keep obeying you.” If you’ve prayed prayers like that, then be comforted to know that Jesus understands. In His fortress of solitude, He was reminded of Who He was and why He was here. We need to be reminded of that too. If Jesus needed time alone with God to keep going, we certainly do too.

Final Thought:  If Jesus needed time alone with God to fulfill His destiny, so do we.
Prayer: Jesus, I never realized that you gained strength by meeting alone with God. When you were in human form, you needed prayer to stay on track like we do. Forgive me for neglecting that. Thank you for showing me how it’s done.  Amen.