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Unmasked | Fortress of Solitude | Secret Place

Unmasked | Fortress of Solitude | Secret Place

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High…  Psalm 91:1

Most superheroes have a fortress of solitude, somewhere they can get away and be recharged. If we want to live extraordinary lives we also need a fortress of solitude, somewhere we can get alone with God and be recharged. Psalm 91 describes such a place. It’s a secret fort, a clubhouse, a hideout beneath the honeysuckle vines where only you and He can enter. But when we read about it, questions start: “Sounds great, but how do I get there?” If God really calls us to join Him in some secret place, then why do so few people take Him up on the offer? Why is it so hard to find? Fortunately, He left a map.

The first thing we notice on the map is that the secret place is His, not ours. He has the keys, sets the rules, and decides how we get in. Secondly, we notice that He invites us to dwell there, not simply vacation. And that’s our first roadblock. We like to visit His secret place when we’re scared, lonely, broken-hearted, or desperate, but we don’t want to dwell there. We prefer our own secret places: our sin, complacency, or worldly pursuits. It seems like too much effort to pack up and move. But God doesn’t offer a timeshare. His fortress of solitude is available to those willing to live there. And…we can’t bring all our stuff. The entrance fee requires us to let go of time-stealers, pet sins, and self-importance. They don’t fit inside God’s fortress of solitude. But once inside, we realize to our delight that we don’t need any of it. Only there do we discover who we really are. 

Final Thought:  Are you ready to dwell in the secret place of the Most High, or are you content to simply visit?
Prayer: Father, I’ve been content to visit your fortress of solitude when I’m in trouble, but the world keeps pulling me back out. I’m ready to move in. Show me what needs to change in my life so that I can dwell in your secret place. In Jesus’ name, Amen.