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Unmasked | Fortress of Solitude | Spiritual Rest

Unmasked | Fortress of Solitude | Spiritual Rest

He said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”  Mark 6:31

Ministry can be overwhelming. So many people. So much need. God called you to serve Him in a specific way and you’ve been delighted to discover He has gifted you to do it. You dove in with everything you had and the reward was like nothing you’d ever experienced. What could be more fulfilling than working hand-in-hand with the Lord God Almighty? You were so engrossed in giving, serving, loving, healing, feeding, and tending that you didn’t notice when your strength began to wane. A subtle shift had taken place without your notice and ministry became your focus rather than the Lord Himself.

The disciples were in danger of that very thing. Jesus had empowered them to heal, cast out demons, and preach the good news. People were being saved, lives changed, it was intoxicating! But right in the middle of it all, Jesus called a time-out. “Come with me to a quiet place,” He said. He knew that without spending quality time alone in His presence, the disciples would burn out, give up, and become bitter. They needed to recharge in private. We can only function on soulish adrenaline for so long and then it fizzles out. Before it does, we need to build a practice of enjoying regular solitary communion times with the Holy Spirit. We must have soul-searching, sin-confessing, insight-revealing prayer and worship sessions to empower us for what God has called us to do. Spiritual rest is as vital to ministry as active service.  

Final Thought:  Are you including regular time-outs with Jesus in your service for Him?
Prayer: Lord, maybe that’s why I’ve gotten burned out in previous ministries. I was relying on my own strength and abilities, without setting aside time for rest and recharging. Help me learn to pace myself like you taught the disciples to do. Amen.