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Unmasked | Gifted | God’s Gifts

Unmasked | Gifted | God’s Gifts

Cedar Point

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…  James 1:17

“Wow! Incredible sunset,” said the artist. “I’ve never been able to paint one that vivid. Nature is amazing.”

“It’s a boy!” shouted the new father. “He’s perfect! Biology is amazing!”

“Three hundred people gave their lives to the Lord in our services today,” said the pastor. “My speaking talent is amazing.”

They are all correct in part, but they’re ignoring the source of all that amazement. Their reactions are similar to someone who creates a complicated PowerPoint video on the computer and then exclaims, “My keyboard is amazing!”

God owes us nothing. Zilch. He could have created us as emotionless robots, marching in step through a grey world of shapeless blobs. We don’t need taste buds, color, music, pleasure, opinion, or intuition to exist. Plankton has none of that. But our Creator showers human beings with beauty, love, laughter, and the ability to enjoy it all. They are His gifts to us. When we follow Him, He also gifts us on a spiritual level. He assures our hearts that we are His. He gives us the Holy Spirit to comfort and direct us. And He gives us abilities outside our own strengths that enable us to serve Him on earth in unique ways. Those gifts push us outside our comfort zones and keep us slightly off balance to remind us that it is His power, not ours, at work.

Final Thought:  Every good thing in our lives is a gift from God and should be used for His purposes and His pleasure.

Prayer: Father, I don’t thank you enough for all you’ve given me. I take so much for granted or try to grab praise for myself. Forgive me. May I use your gifts in ways that show everyone else that you are amazing! In Jesus’ name, Amen.