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Unmasked | Gifted | Supernatural Gifts

Unmasked | Gifted | Supernatural Gifts

Cedar Point

In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well.  Romans 12:6

Superman has x-ray vision, flight, and superhuman strength. Ironman uses advanced technology. The average mother has eyes in the back of her head. Those superpowers give them all an edge in this battle called Life. But each of them also has vulnerabilities, so it is vitally important that they keep in mind the source of their power. If they find themselves cut off from that source, things don’t go well. Superman loses the bad guy, Ironman can’t defend the innocent, and Mom misses catching the toddler before he dashes out the front door. Christians also have superpowers, but we must stay plugged in for them to work.

Superheroes stay continually aware of the source of their power. Super Christians must do the same. When we surrender our lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ, things change. We fall to our knees as Clark Kent, but we stand up as new creations in Christ. When the Holy Spirit moves into a repentant heart, He does not come emptyhanded. He brings with Him gifts. Those gifts do not make us superhumans. They are designed to make us marvel at all God can do through ordinary human beings. God gives us gifts so that we can accomplish far more for His kingdom than we could in our own strength. But we must stay close to Him, walk with Him, and rely on His power to work through us. When we use our gifts wisely, He gives us more.

Final Thought:  Do you know what supernatural gifts God has given you? Enroll in Growth Track and find out.
Prayer: Father, I don’t think of myself as gifted, but maybe you do. Help me discover my spiritual gifts so I can use them for your kingdom work. May I define them and refine them so they are all you want them to be. In Jesus’ name, Amen.