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Unmasked | Gifted | Using Your Gifts

Unmasked | Gifted | Using Your Gifts

Cedar Point

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others… 1 Peter 4:10

It was 1788 and the town was in flames. A bucket brigade quickly formed to transfer water from the river to the edge of the inferno, but shouts came from near the fire: “Hey, what’s going on? Why are the buckets empty?” The men made a quick search and discovered Jed, near the middle of the line, dumping the water into His own barrel to take home. “What’s wrong with you?” the other men demanded. “Our town’s on fire and our homes are burning! Why are you hoarding the water?” Jed shrugged. “It’s not my home, I live in the country. My water barrel was almost empty and I needed this; I have rights too.”

While, hopefully, none of us would do what Jed did, we often have his attitude about the gifts God has given us. Our world is on fire, culture is burning and people are dying without Christ. God has set up a water brigade, using His children to deliver His living water. He hands us a bucket, called a spiritual gift, and says, “Use this to rescue people.” Those gifts were given to make us useful. God’s gifts enable us to achieve God-sized results: givers are eager to fund His work, merciful people lift up the downtrodden, those with gifts of wisdom and prophecy help others know what do, and organizers keep His church running smoothly. When we ignore or abuse our gifts, we are a broken link in God’s chain of blessing. Our Father’s gifts are not for us to hoard, but to invest for His purposes here on earth.

Final Thought:  How are you using the supernatural gifts God has given you?

Prayer: Father, am I fully using all you have given me for your purposes? How might I be hoarding or ignoring them? Please forgive me for being a broken link in your chain of blessing and show me where you want me to serve. In Jesus’ name, Amen.