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Unmasked | Kryptonite | Accepting Jesus

Unmasked | Kryptonite | Accepting Jesus

You are jealous…and quarrel with each other… Aren’t you living like people of the world? 1 Corinthians 3:3

“Well, she said that they said that he said…so I’m leaving this church!” “Why do they always pick her to lead things? I’m more qualified than she is!” “Nobody noticed when I missed two Sundays, so I guess they don’t care. I’m finding a new church!”

We have the same problem that the Corinthian church had. We cling to old habits of jealousy, bickering, and selfishness so that our responses to life issues are often just like the world’s responses. Part of the problem is that churches are full of baby Christians who want to stay that way. They feel good; Jesus has forgiven them. Attending the occasional church service makes them feel they’ve “clocked in” with God. But the second problem is that many in the church have only “accepted Jesus.”

“Accepting Jesus” is nowhere encouraged in the Bible. Instead, Jesus calls us to follow Him, to receive Him (John 1:12). We receive Him into our lives the way a container receives water. The water pours in and fills it, changing the weight and the purpose of the container. It then transports that liquid everywhere it goes. No one notices the container; they are delighted at what it holds. When we receive Jesus, we carry Him everywhere we go. He changes our perspective, our opinions, and our purpose. When we are containers of Jesus, no one notices us; it is Him they are drawn to. Our outlook and behaviors should be in direct contrast to the way the world acts. If there is no noticeable difference since “accepting Jesus,” check for kryptonite.

Final Thought:  False assurance about “accepting Jesus” is kryptonite to the life transformation He wants for us.
Prayer: God, check my heart. Have I substituted “accepting” you for truly “receiving” you? I surrender to you now. I’m ready to follow you, obey you, and mature in my faith. Make me a container that brings you into every situation. In Jesus’ name, Amen.