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Unmasked | Kryptonite | Our Weakness

Unmasked | Kryptonite | Our Weakness

If my head were shaved, my strength would leave me, and I would become as weak as anyone else. Judges16:17

Kryptonite: something that can seriously weaken or harm a particular person or thing. Superman’s kryptonite was a substance that made him like everybody else. For Samson, the loss of his hair made him like everybody else. So what’s wrong with being like everybody else? Nothing, except God did not create you to be like everybody else. He designed you for a particular purpose that can only be experienced when you stay in close contact with Him. He has gifted you, called you, and placed you in a strategic position to make an eternal difference, but there’s a big problem—sin. Our kryptonite.

Fortunately for us, God authored a best-seller that includes a map for avoiding sin. He warns that getting to close to it will make us like everybody else. Everybody else is sleeping around, experimenting with drugs, and drinking too much. Everybody else has a foul mouth, a greedy heart, and lust in their eyes. We’re called out of that, cleaned up, and re-created to be like Jesus, but sin is our kryptonite and when we dabble in it, we lose the spiritual power God offers. Samson was not created to be like everybody else, but he flirted one too many times with kryptonite and it destroyed him. You’re not created to be like everybody else either. By avoiding that which is kryptonite to you, you can experience the power of God working through you.

Final Thought:  We identify our kryptonite by acknowledging those areas in our lives that are in disobedience to God’s word.
Prayer: Father, you know my weaknesses better than I do. Help me to be honest with myself about them. I’ve played too closely to the edge of danger and got burned. I’m ready to live wisely. Help me avoid my kryptonite. In Jesus name, Amen.