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Unmasked | Sidekicks | Becoming a Superhero

Unmasked | Sidekicks | Becoming a Superhero

Aaron will be your spokesman…He will be your mouthpiece…you will be as God to him.  Exodus 4:16

If sibling rivalry had ever been a problem for Moses and Aaron, it was time to get over it. God had spoken. Big brother Aaron was to be the sidekick for baby brother Moses. Together they would confront the most powerful king in the world on behalf of a nation of slaves. God had already told them it would not be easy. Pharaoh would have a fit. God would knock his socks off, and then Moses and Aaron would lead a million people to the Promised Land. A daunting task, but they would do it together.

God often assigns us daunting tasks that would be nearly impossible to accomplish alone. Sometimes He does that in order to knock our socks off. He wants us to admit from the start that we are in way over our heads. The job is too big, responsibility too heavy. We can’t do it. So He sends help. A sidekick. Someone who will help shoulder the load. Aaron became not only the mouthpiece for Moses, but was chosen as the first high priest for God’s tabernacle. His faithfulness in a lesser role caught God’s attention. When we serve faithfully as a sidekick, God often elevates us to superhero.

Final Thought:  When we are faithful to use everything God gives us for His purposes, He can trust us with more.
Prayer: Father, your word says that if I am to be trusted with much, I first have to prove myself faithful with little. How am I doing? Help me to pour myself into this season, whether sidekick or superhero, and fill well the role you gave me. Amen.