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Unmasked | Sidekicks | Supporting Roles

Unmasked | Sidekicks | Supporting Roles

I, Tertius, who wrote down this letter, greet you in the Lord.  Romans 16:22

He wasn’t brilliant, couldn’t sing or preach, but he had good handwriting. That may have been his only talent. How insignificant Tertius may have felt as he sat in the corner, listening to Paul, elite Pharisee turned Christian. The conversations floating around his head as lawyers, scribes, and rabbis discussed philosophy, scripture, and law may have seemed overwhelming to a simple man like Tertius. Yet, he’d listened when Paul explained the gospel and in childlike faith, had eagerly received Christ. Now, it was his careful script on the sealed letters Paul sent to the churches. His fingers penned the eloquent words that explained and defended the truth for millions of people yet to be born. Tertius, scribe of the apostle Paul, impacted the world.

Tertius has something to say to you there, hiding in the dark corner. He understands how you feel. You may be new to faith, uneducated, or poor. Survival may seem to be your only talent. You feel so insignificant as you watch others preach, sing, teach, serve, and lead. You can’t imagine yourself doing anything like that. How could you possibly be of benefit to God? Tertius reminds you that God understands those feelings of insignificance and they grieve Him because He doesn’t see you that way. He may have positioned you, like Tertius, to fill a critical supporting role. For some reason, Paul was unable to pen the words God gave him, so Tertius wrote them down for him. And because of Tertius, we have 2/3 of the New Testament.

Final Thought:  Never underestimate the value of your supporting role in God’s work.

Prayer: Father, I struggle with feeling insignificant compared to what other people are doing for you. But Tertius is a reminder that no job is insignificant when it is done for you. Help me find my role in your plan and serve well. In Jesus’ name, Amen.