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Unmasked | Sidekicks | We Need Help

Unmasked | Sidekicks | We Need Help

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.  Ecclesiastes 4:9

Batman had Robin, Captain America had Bucky, and the Lone Ranger had Tonto. People who do extraordinary things usually don’t do them alone. We may think of ourselves as a one-man show, but the truth is that we were created for relationship. Even in the Bible, God’s superheroes had help. When Elijah the prophet was worn out, God sent him Elisha. Paul had Barnabas, and later Silas. And even Jesus, the Son of God, had Peter, James, and John around Him all the time, helping Him in His mission. So if we want to rise above the ordinary and join those superheroes in God’s hall of fame, we need help.

Since we tend to become like those we spend the most time with, we’d better choose our closest companions wisely. One characteristic we should look for in close associates is humility. We pursue humility for ourselves, and we can place our trust in a person who rejoices when others succeed. If a friend seems jealous or competitive, keep looking. They’re not for you. Another trait of a good sidekick is intuition. Tonto helped the Lone Ranger see things from a different perspective and often saved him from bad decisions. Those in our inner circle sense what needs to happen and work behind the scenes to ensure our success. Some of us are called to be superheroes, some are sidekicks, but both are important in the work of God. Each is gifted in different ways and when we work together, we are blessed, humanity is blessed, and eternity is blessed.

Final Thought:  Whether you’re a superhero or a sidekick, your role is vital in God’s unfolding plan.
Prayer: Father, I want to learn to use better judgement in choosing my closest companions. Help me find people who share my values and goals. Guide me to people who will partner with me in pursuing your plan for our lives. In Jesus name, Amen.