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Unmasked | Sidekicks | Who is Your Titus?

Unmasked | Sidekicks | Who is Your Titus?

…afflicted on every side: conflicts without, fears within. But God…comforted us by the coming of Titus.  2 Cor. 7:6-7

The lamplight was nearly gone as Paul lowered the quill pen and rubbed his grainy eyes. He was so tired. So weary. The churches he had started and loved like his own children were plagued with infighting, persecution, and threats from false teachers. His body bore the scars of ministry, as did his soul. Deep loneliness gnawed at him, even during prayer time. Few understood his passion for the gospel. Few could help him bear the load. The heavy door creaked open and Paul stiffened. He squinted upward at the tall silhouette filling the doorway and caught his breath. He started to rise, but sank to the bench with a cry. “Titus!” His son in the faith. Strong, youthful, energetic, and wise. Titus was here. Oh, thank you, God. You sent Titus!

Have you had such a moment? Maybe it was after a late-night phone call: “We’re so sorry but…” Or you received a diagnosis that took your breath away. The rumor mill was about to crucify you, or discouragement was roaring at you like a hungry T-Rex. You could feel yourself about to go under, but then the door opened. The phone rang. Familiar arms came around you and you sank into their strength. They held you up when everything was crashing around you. God comforts us by sending those special people to be His arms and legs. His kindness. When all is caving in around us, God knows who to send. They’re not there to carry us, but to hold us up until we can walk again. If Paul needed that kind of support, we do too.

Final Thought:  Who has God placed in your life to be a Titus for you? Be sure to thank Him for them.

Prayer: Father, I’m remembering those times I was about to go under and you sent _________. I may not have known it was you at the time, but I want to thank you for it now. Help me to be that kind of comfort for someone else. In Jesus name, Amen.