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What Are You Doing Here? | The Ache of Failure | Restore Me

What Are You Doing Here? | The Ache of Failure | Restore Me

cedar point

 I don’t understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate. Romans 7:15 

Read that verse again. Have you ever felt that way? Romans 7 is Paul’s description of the inner fight between soul and spirit in the Christian. If we’ve grown at all in our faith, we’ve had times when we heard a great sermon, lost ourselves in worship, or read a scripture passage that made us want to put on our devil-stomping boots. Especially after a conference, leading someone to Christ, or rededicating our lives, we coast for a while on a spiritual high. Like Peter, we believe with our whole hearts that we will never fail the Lord again. How could we when we feel so spiritually energized? 

Then we do. It may start as a small thing—a foul word, a hateful response, too much to drink—but it leads to bigger things. Before we know it, we’re hardening our hearts and plunging deeper into disobedience. When we come to our senses, we’re filled with self-loathing: “Why did I go there? Why did I take that pill? Why did I say yes when I should have said no? How can I stop this spiritual yo-yoing?” Paul’s solution is in verse 25: “Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord.” Paul learned that self-condemnation is not from God; repentance and restoration is. He found that over-confidence only leads to failure and that a healthy fear of his own sinful nature kept him totally dependent upon the Holy Spirit. We will never fully overcome our sinful flesh while on this earth. It’s a lifetime battle, but one that God is willing to fight for us as we continually surrender to Him.

Final Thought:  When you fail yourself, God is not finished with you. Get up, confess it to Him, and let Him restore you. 

Prayer: Lord, I’m thankful Romans 7 is in the Bible. You want me to know that failure isn’t fatal, but I need to put my confidence in the authority of Jesus over sin, not my own willpower. Restore me and make me stronger. In His name, Amen.