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Who Said That? | Far Far Better

Who Said That? | Far Far Better


“I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me.” John 10:14


A herd of black cows covers a grassy pain like paint spatters on green canvas. Under a shade tree, a dozen identical calves sleep while their mothers graze acres away. In the distance, a cow looks toward the nursery and gives a low “moo.” One little black head pops up, ears tilted forward. Again, the mother moos and begins to amble in his direction. One baby calf stands, stretches, and leaves the pool of babies to scamper across the field. To an observer, all the cows look the same: black Angus, no discernable markings. So how did that newborn calf recognize his mother from the sea of identical cows?


His secret is our answer to recognizing the voice of God. That calf knew his mother’s voice because he spent every waking moment with her. He drank her milk, felt her rough tongue licking him clean, heard the low rumble of her warnings, and enjoyed her warmth when he slept at night. Because the calf spent so much time with this particular cow, he knew very little about the other cows. His life was focused on the one who sustained him. It’s that way with God. When we drink in His word, allow His truth to cleanse us, obey His warnings, and enjoy the warmth of His promises, we come to know Him. By staying close to Him, we tune out all other gods. Our spirits are focused on the One who sustains us and we know His voice.


Final Thought:  If you have trouble discerning the voice of God, maybe you’re not spending enough time in His presence.


Prayer: Father, this is true of me. I go through the Christian motions, but most of the time, I’m not really connecting with you. I have trouble discerning your voice when I need direction. Help me eliminate distractions so I hear you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.