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Who Said That? | Far Far Better

Who Said That? | Far Far Better


… some thought it was thunder, while others declared an angel had spoken to him.  John 12:29


What does the voice of God sound like? We might imagine a booming voice, speaking in English, sounding a little like Morgan Freeman. There are a few times in scripture when God the Father actually spoke from heaven to someone on earth, but the strange part is that while everyone heard it, very few understood what it was. God the Father speaking to Jesus the Son is one of the most important exchanges a human being can hear. Yet, when it happened right in front of them, most people thought it was thunder. God’s voice is often not what we expected, so we miss it. We might not call it thunder, but sometimes when He speaks, we either don’t recognize His voice or we discount it as something else. Consider this example:

“I’ve been praying about what to do,” Lara complained, “but God won’t speak to me.” “Have you been reading your Bible?” Roger asked. Lara shrugged. “Some.” “Have you been going to church?” She blushed. “Not really. Every few weeks or so.” “Have you talked to godly people and asked their advice?” Lara frowned. “What does that have to do with it? I just need God to speak directly to me, like He did in the Bible. If He told me what to do, I would do it.” Roger smiled. “No, you wouldn’t. He’s already told you to read His word, go to church, and seek godly counsel, and you’re not doing any of that. He speaks in lots of ways, but especially through the Bible and godly teaching. When you obey that, He might start speaking in other ways too.”


Final Thought:  What are some of the ways God might be speaking to you? Have you ignored or mistaken His voice?


Prayer: Father, I don’t know what I expect when I ask you to speak to me. Maybe I’ve been ignoring the obvious communication you’ve already provided. Help me tune in to all the ways you use to guide me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.