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Who Said That? | Far Far Better

Who Said That? | Far Far Better


Then King David went in and sat before the LORD…  2 Samuel 7:18


Imagine trying to have a relationship with someone who does all the talking. ALL of it. They make all the decisions, express only their opinions, and fill your ears with requests, complaints, and worries without reciprocating. Would that be a healthy relationship? Would you look forward to spending time with them? A good relationship flows two ways. It is a process of knowing and being known. Unless both are contributing, it gets out of balance. When we talk about having “a relationship with God,” the phrase can be misleading because human relationships are negotiated—we give some and take some.  A healthy human relationship is equal, but a relationship with God is not equal. We are flawed and finite; He is the Lord. We are limited; He is supreme. Yet, He invites us to know Him. But we cannot do that if we do all the talking.


The Lord sent David a message through the prophet Nathan, but David was a bit disappointed with the news. However, instead of barging into God’s presence full of complaints and demands, he did something we need to learn to do. He went in to a private place and sat before the Lord. Sitting before the Lord requires that we quiet our hearts, exhaust our requests, and then wait on Him. Often His answer comes in the form of a scripture verse that floats into our consciousness unsummoned. Or we are suddenly convicted about how wrong we are and how right God is. Sometimes peace settles over a matter that our flesh has resisted, but our spirit knows is right. We find strength to obey when we’ve taken time to sit before the Lord.


Final Thought:  In your relationship with God, are you doing all the talking?


Prayer: Father, help me learn to sit quietly before you and allow you to go into those secret places of my heart that I want to control. I need to learn enough of your word so that it can speak to me in those quiet times. In Jesus’ name, Amen.